Guident Business Newsletter – July 2016 – Issue 3

Cabbage Moth Syndrome Have you or do you know of someone who has been afflicted by the “CABBAGE MOTH SYNDROME”? This lesson was taught to me by my oldest grandson a few years ago. One Easter Sunday my daughter planned an Easter Egg Hunt for my grandson. She placed tiny miniature marshmallows into a dozen or so brightly colored plastic Easter eggs and placed them in the yard in plain sight and in a row. She then pointed them out to my grandson who immediately went to the nearest one and opened it. He was excited to see the miniature marshmallows inside and promptly ate them. He then went to the next nearest egg and opened it, thrilled to find more marshmallows. All the time this was going on my daughter was recording him on her iPhone. She was planning to share video with friends and family on Facebook. Everything was going great until this Cabbage Moth showed up. This tiny white moth flew in front of my grandson, distracted him and led him off into another direction. Obviously this frustrated my daughter who was busy filming. She became noticeably agitated with the boy. I suggested she be patient and wait a few minutes. My grandson, who was easily distracted, knew where the […]