Guident Newsletter – December 2017 – Issue 20

You are the “Subject Matter Expert” promote yourself! One year, my wife and I were toying with selling our home, which we lived in for twenty years.  She is a farm girl with a horticulture degree.  Needless to say, our backyard looks awesome in the summertime, so I said if we do sell we would have to sell in the summer months because I could get an additional $10,000 for the house just because of the plantings.  I’m one that has learned to really appreciate the different colors and how the plantings add to our home’s ambiance but I in no way would have the vision to create it myself.  My wife is “The Subject Matter Expert” in our family when it comes to plants.       Most business owners are “Subject Matter Experts” in their fields.  More often than not, I am working with business owners who have great technical ability but need help developing the management skills to achieve their goals in a fast-growing business.  I like to suggest that they volunteer on the radio or speak at Chamber events promoting themselves as “Subject Matter Experts” in their chosen fields.  Many of these types of organizations are looking for […]