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“Guident Business Solutions is a management development firm dedicated to guiding the successful growth of organizations through the sharing of knowledge and teaching of key business practices.”

Guident Business Solutions, LLC was founded in February 2009 by Gary Vaughan.  He spent his entire career teaching – both in the classroom and in business. Having spent many years in business himself, including being a business owner, Gary realized that there was a need for additional training among business owners; there was a lack of some of the fundamentals needed to run a successful business – understanding financials, human resource practices and management skills, to name a few. Although it would be ideal if owners could attend classes to learn these best business practices, in reality they do not have the time.

Seeing this gap between running a business and learning how to run a business, Gary decided it would be ideal if the training could come to the business owners. He formed Guident Business Solutions, LLC to address that need.

We start with an evaluation of your current business. In the next step we will work together with you to develop an action plan that addresses your main issues first and then we’ll work towards guiding you to sustained business success through our shared knowledge approach. We take small calculated steps, creating a lasting effect on your business.

Guident Business Solutions will work together with business owners to holistically address their businesses; determining both their strengths and weaknesses and critical points of focus. Guident has “world-class” web-based assessment tools, based on best-practices, available to assist in this business review.

Most new and growing businesses are not in a position to hire in-house specialists to address every area of the business. Guident Business Solutions can fill that gap. We will bring the training to you – working with you, the owner, management and staff. We will teach you the skills you need to run a successful, profitable business. Guident Business Solutions has helped many struggling businesses round the corner to success – we can help you too.

We would like to be a part of your team and help guide you to success.

Gary Vaughan

Founding Member

P.O. Box 1174
Appleton, WI 54912

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