I have found Guident to be an invaluable resource when it comes to making sense of the business machine…that there is a sensible business strategy for every business climate.

-Sure-Dry Basement Solutions

Guident gave me the opportunity to view my business finances in detail. It is extremely helpful to have an advisor that can analyze and give input about past, current and future business needs.

-Promo Print Solutions

I knew how to run a great alarm service company…what I needed to know was how to run the business part. Thanks, Guident.

-TECC Security Systems

We have used the strategic assessments provided by Guident for several years. They provide my management team and I with a targeted focus on where we can improve our execution and business success.

-Boldt Construction

Gary Vaughan is a business person, but he is also an educator. That is why I chose Guident Business Solutions to consult on the business planning process for Neighborhood Partners. From Gary, I learned critical tools of analysis, new ways of thinking about the work we do, and new ways of communicating the value of that work to others. Most importantly, I came out of the process as the author of my own business plan, having developed the skills necessary to keep the planning process alive and integral to our work. I could not recommend Gary Vaughan and Guident Business Solutions more highly to any nonprofit leader ready to develop their business planning capacities.

-Goodwill Industries of North Central Wisconsin

It is imperative for non-profits to think strategically today. Guident’s insight and direction have been of great benefit as we plan for a sustainable future.

-The Fox – Wisconsin Heritage Parkway

Guident’s strategies have been an essential contributor to how we manage our business. They helped us understand how to bring financial performance into our daily decision making, enhancing our profitability.

– SCM Marketing Solutions

Gary is all about getting back to basics. Do you know exactly what it costs to produce your products or deliver your services? Do your employees know what’s expected of them? Do you have a budget against which you can compare actual income and expenses and make changes in your business accordingly? If you do, great! But if you don’t, Gary can guide you through the steps to make sure your business is operating effectively, efficiently, and profitably. Most importantly, Gary shows you how to develop a culture of accountability. When your customers and employees know that you mean what you say, your relationship with them will be strengthened. And in today’s turbulent times, it’s all about creating strong relationships.

-Martenson & Eisle

Schelly has gotten control of our cash flow to enable us to make better financial decisions and to frankly sleep better. There have been numerous procedures put in place designed to help me separate our business lives from our personal lives.

-Action Painting & Carpet Care

Guident Business has been extremely helpful in helping our company, Sun Comfort, in setting up our company, establishing sound business practices, employee/employer relationship, and setting up sound financial practices. Gary is great to work with. Thanks from all of us at Sun Comfort Inc.

-Sun Comfort

Stellar Blue Web Design has had the privilege of working with Gary Vaughan since we began considering our idea as a legitimate business over three years ago. Gary has always been an outstanding source of knowledge, confidence, and guidance for us. Guident Business Solutions, LLC is now considered Stellar Blue’s financial advisory team. Thru their budgeting and strategic planning protocols, they have helped take our internet marketing agency and turn it into a very profitable, sound business.

-Stellar Blue

Gary has volunteered in New North B2B’s Firefighter series for five years now helping small business owners extinguish the fires that ignite daily within their companies. His financially-based style of educating entrepreneurs to responsibly manage budgets has reinvigorated several businesses with a murky futures to right the ship, forge ahead and explore new opportunities for growth. Gary’s practical and casual approach holds business owners accountable to themselves so they that might fully recognize the possibilities that lie ahead for their companies.

-New North B2B’s

Working with Gary has been incredibly rewarding and educational. Gary challenges me to think outside of “my think box”, and expand my roles in my business beyond my “technician” role. Gary has encouraged me to read a book called “The E-Myth”. The book is incredibly encouraging and I highly recommend it to all who are thinking of going into business for themselves. Gary and I are currently working on budgets, profit and loss statements and providing me with the tools needed to make mature, educated decisions and be able to work through different financial scenarios. It has been, and continues to be an incredible insight to building a successful business!

-Wisconsin Swim Academy

Gary was instrumental in the start-up and launch of my business. His services were both insightful and strategic. They have exceeded my expectations. My business is performing far ahead of where it would have been without Gary’s expertise.

-READ Learning Services

Guidant Business is working with us to develop new assessment tools for making business decisions based on data and working with us to improve our accounting and operational processes. The knowledge we are gaining from consulting with Gary Vaughan is something we highly value. Gary is welcomed by our entire team and looks at many areas of the business across the board to fully understand a company and the vision going forward.

-TLC Sign

Gary entered the scene on our business when it was our darkest hour. We had a series of bad events take place, and he stayed and helped us through them all. It was a three year process for us. We went from having meetings that were hours long- trying to figure out how to make the least amount of money go the farthest, to now meeting and discussing how to minimize our tax implications because we are doing well. He not only got alongside our business and helped us, but he taught us how to run our business. He taught us how to think and act business minded. He continues to be a tremendous asset to our company. We are truly a better company as a result of Guident Business and Gary’s endless efforts and genuine care for us as a company.

-Springhetti Lanscaping

As a small business, it is difficult to do it all. I went into business because I enjoyed creating art. My strengths were not in business, but rather, creating. Working with Gary, taught me ways to understand business management and how to incorporate management into my production day. Gary helped me to plan ahead and think outside of the box. He assisted me with setting up budgets, a business plans, and profit and loss statements that made sense. They are now part of my weekly routine. Looking at my role within the company, realizing “I” am not the company. Gary has spent quality time helping my business succeed; teaching me; questioning me; and giving me materials and guidance . I don’t think that I would have been able to prepare myself for all the bumps that will happen without his assistance. My success’s and shortcomings are now understood, not just good or bad luck. I cannot thank Gary enough for all of his patients, his insights, and his guidance. It’s nice to have someone you trust and can reach out to with questions. I am now confident that I can do this.

-Mud & Print