Assessing Your Company’s Human Resources


Assessing Your Company’s Human Resource IQ

What can be more challenging for any organization than managing people? It involves not only an infinite variety of personalities, but also a plethora of employment laws; with which every business owner is expected to be familiar. In Assessing Your Company’s Human Resource IQ, Gary Vaughan’s goal is to help business owners understand how they can protect their businesses from legal action by having policies and procedures in place and ensuring they’re administered equally for all employees. Although having documented policies in place won’t necessarily make money for you, you may find that they will save you money down the road by reducing employee turnover as well as supplying you with a paper trail in the event you have to defend your actions in court. Policies and procedures help guide the actions of both the employees and the company, in addition to helping everyone understand the big picture and how they can contribute to the overall success of the organization. In order to ensure this happens, business owners must create a culture whereby everyone wants to be successful.