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Lower prices are not always the answer!

One of my first “official” jobs I held, not counting the paper route that I had for years, was a clerk at a local grocery store. One of my first memories of working in the local store was when the owner, Mr. Prellwitz, came to me with a roll of scotch tape and several rolls of new pennies. He told me to tape a penny, with Lincoln’s head facing up, on each of the loaves of bread, which were on several racks lined up against the wall. So I did exactly what Mr. Prellwitz asked of me, but even as a sixteen-year-old high school kid I had to wonder why I was doing this. When I was done and Mr. Prellwitz came to inspect my work, I asked him, “Why did you have me do this?” He said the other grocery store in town was running a promotion and giving bread away to everyone who shopped in their store that day, and he was going to “do him one better” and pay his customers a penny to take his bread! He said it with an aggressive tone and, as I remember, was rather proud of the idea. Still, I couldn’t […]


Gary's Interview

In an interview with the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce, Gary shares the beginning of how Guident Business Solutions, LLC came to be. He also gives a small inside look how to maintain positive relationship with business owners and how to keep employers and employees on track. To read the interview in detail, follow the link below for the full PDF version of the interview. READ MORE

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