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Every business owner should own a white shirt!

I once had a client who owned an auto repair business. He was a very good mechanic and worked on cars all the time. You could often find several cars and trucks in his backyard waiting to be worked on. As his family grew, his wife wanted the vehicles out of the yard. His solution was to start a business and open a shop of his own. He called me because his banker was asking him for accurate financial statements. He would work twelve hours a day under the hood of a car and then spend a half hour every other day trying to get caught up on his book work. I would visit him every week on a specific day, let’s say Tuesday, for ninety minutes. During our initial conversations—actually all the time we worked together—he would give me grief that I wore a white shirt. “As you know,” he would say, “anyone who wears a white shirt all the time definitely is not working.” He would wear the typical blue and gray striped mechanic’s shirt covered with grease and dirt stains. Often times when I first came to work with him, he did nothing but shop work from […]


Gary's Interview

In an interview with the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce, Gary shares the beginning of how Guident Business Solutions, LLC came to be. He also gives a small inside look how to maintain positive relationship with business owners and how to keep employers and employees on track. To read the interview in detail, follow the link below for the full PDF version of the interview. READ MORE

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