A financial literacy workshop is customizable based on your team’s needs.  The average workshop is 1-2 days long for 2-3 hours a day depending on the complexity of the business’s financials.  The workshop is structured to help your organization’s management team better understand the company’s financials to analyze which areas of the business are succeeding or need to be worked on. Refer to the Sessions and Exercises section to see what fits your business’s needs best.

What to Expect:

Your team will be able to elevate their financial acumen, allowing for more meaningful discussions or applying their understanding in their daily actions to see how it will positively affect the profit for the company.

Customizable Sessions and Exercises:

Terms of the profit and loss statement
An understanding of the balance sheet
Where the terms are located on the respective financial statement
How terms are used in a discussion using examples
A brief explanation of cash flow
The 14 key ratios used by finance professionals to access profitability in a company
How the profit and loss statement and balance sheet interact to produce these ratios
How to use combined numbers and ratios to improve the company’s performance

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