Assessing Your Company’s Strategic Planning Process


• “Fire Fighting” versus “Strategic Planning”
• Establishing a formal strategic planning process
• Developing your company’s Strategic Vision
• Identifying tools to measure activities and goals
• Establishing metrics to identify success

Assessing Your Company’s Marketing Strategy


• Identifying your competitive advantage
• Identifying your customer(s) profile
• Establishing a target market
• Developing a formal marketing plan
• Developing an annual marketing budget

Assessing Your Company’s Financial Literacy


• Understanding your liquidity ratios
• Understanding your cash flow statement as an operations tool
• Developing a monthly operating budget
• Calculating your accounts receivable collection rate
• Calculating your break-even point

Assessing Your Company’s Culture


• Creating a Mission Statement
• Developing short-term and long-term goals
• Handling customer complaints
• Dealing with loss prevention issues
• Creating a company communication process

Assessing Your Company’s Human Resource IQ


• Protecting your “Employee-At-Will” status
• Establishing interviewing procedures
• How to create a job description
• Developing standard disciplinary procedures
• Establishing a documented termination process

Assessing Your Company’s Management Skills


• Do you have a “split personality”?
• Engaging in formal and informal networking opportunities
• Developing the proper “people tools”
• Developing an employee retention program
• Helping your managers achieve their department’s financial goals