Guident Newsletter – May 2017 – Issue 13

Lower prices are not always the answer! One of my first “official” jobs I held, not counting the paper route that I had for years, was a clerk at a local grocery store.   One of my first memories of working in the local store was when the owner, Mr. Prellwitz, came to me with a roll of scotch tape and several rolls of new pennies.  He told me to tape a penny, with Lincoln’s head facing up, on each of the loaves of bread which were on several racks lined up against the wall.  So I did exactly what Mr. Prellwitz asked of me but even as a sixteen-year-old high school kid I had to wonder why I was doing this. When I was done, and Mr. Prellwitz came to inspect my work, I asked him; “Why did you have me to do this?”  He said the other grocery store in town was running a promotion and giving bread away to everyone who shopped in their store that day and he was going to “do him one better” and pay his customers a penny to take his bread!  He said it with an aggressive tone and as I remember was […]