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Association members are offered training through their vendors on the most current technologies available, but no one is coming into their businesses and offering them training on best business practices to help them sustain and grow their businesses.  Our specialty is working with small and mid-sized businesses, that’s all we do.

Guident Business Solutions, LLC delivers customized seminars and workshops to Association members.  We work for either the Association Management firm or directly for the Association with a “cafeteria style” approach to training on topics and specific areas relevant to their membership.

Associations can pick from any of the topic areas listed on this website from Company Culture, Human Resources, Operations/Management, Marketing Strategies, Financial Analysis, Strategic Planning, and Leadership.

These seminars or workshops are customized and can be delivered in two, four, or eight hour blocks.  Association members will come with questions and go away with tools and resources they can use that day or when they get back to their businesses.

Guident Business Solution, LLC can also deliver follow-up webinars for Association member owners that will allow them to offer the training they have just experienced to their employees without having to send them off site.  This is especially effective because the member owner has participated in the training and can target the training to their employees who will benefit most from viewing the webinar.

We work with the Association Management firm adding value to the Association and strengthening its member base, ultimately supporting the Association Management firm, the Association, and their members. Guident’s “world-class” web-based assessments can strengthen the members by improving their communications, leadership, and planning efforts.

“Creating Sustained Business Success through Shared Knowledge.”

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