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Guident Business Solutions has developed a variety of training and informational seminars that we provide to business groups and organizations.  The goal of the seminars is to teach business owners the skills they need to run a successful company.

We have found that most owners start a business because they have a passion for something; cars, computers, food, coffee, etc.  In an effort to turn their passion into a career, they decide to start their own company.  However, they know absolutely nothing about running a business – obtaining financing, accounting, marketing, strategic planning, etc.  That’s where Guident Business Solutions can help.  Through our seminars and the materials we provide, business owners can learn some of the basic skills they need to operate their company on a day-to-day business.  If you don’t understand how to make money and account for the money you make, you will not be successful.

Listed below are the 7 primary topics for which we offer presentations.  These presentations are interactive and are based on booklets Guident has published and which are available by contacting us at info@guidentbusiness.com or on Amazon.com.  Each presentation is customized for your company and its needs.  All attendees will receive the booklet that corresponds to your chosen topic.

Assessing Your Company’s Leadership IQ

Assessing Your Company’s Financial Literacy

Assessing Your Company’s Culture

Assessing Your Company’s Human Resource IQ

Assessing Your Company’s Strategic Planning Process

Assessing Your Company’s Management Skills

Assessing Your Company’s Marketing Strategy


In addition, we can combine any of the seminars or provide half-day or full-day workshops and any topic or combination of topics.


If you would like more information about our presentations and/or our speakers, please feel free to email us at gary@guidentbusiness.com.

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